Worshipping With the Cyber Church

The Cyber Church is an online worshipping website that has numerous pastors and bishops that contribute to our success. Bishop Bernard Jordan is a master prophet. He has over 30 years of sensory perception experience, enabling him to see prophecies and god’s plans. We work diligently with all of our prophets and pastors to ensure that our church members receive the spiritual guidance that they need to persevere in life. Master Prophet Bishop Jordan offers free personal prophecies to help people understand what their purpose in life is according to god. When people register with Cyber Church Today, they will gain access to a community of worshippers that are seeking spiritual direction and personal growth. Church members can directly contact Bishop Jordan online through our link section. He is dedicated to spreading the word of Christ through his prophecy readings.

Why Register with Cyber Church Today?

People come to the Cyber Church Today for a variety of reasons. Most of them come because they need spiritual growth in their lives, and they often don’t have the time to attend a regular church if they have full time jobs and busy schedules. At Cyber Church Today all members can have direct access to Master Prophet Bernard E. Jordan to learn their true prophecies in life. God has a plan and a purpose for every human being on this earth. Bishop Jordan can see what others cannot, to give people the word of god as to what his purpose for them is.

What the Cyber Church Can Offer

  • Direct Contact With Bishop Jordan
  • A 24/7 Online Worshipping Community
  • Inspirational Blogs And Articles
  • Free Prophecy Readings
  • Daily Devotions and Online Seminars

Contact Us Today!

Contact our spiritual leaders at Cyber Church Today to learn more about the religious experience that our website can offer. We will be happy to be a part of your spiritual journey.

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