Have you experienced staying away from home because of your studies, work and for some other reasons and cannot find the time to go to church anymore? Are you longing to have the church family that you used to be with and whom you have spent your days in knowing Christ and becoming spiritually-mature? Hungered for God’s touch and comfort, seeking His hands in the hope that you will be lifted and consoled from what you are experiencing?

As a busy woman, I also experienced being not able to attend church services regularly, even prayer meetings and other church gatherings due to my busy schedules. Since I was a child, I find going to church and attending services every Sunday really comforting, which is why when I finally landed a job that consumes most of my time, disabling me to attend regular worship in our church, something inside me longs for a spiritual touch. It’s as if there’s something missing in my life that I cannot find joy in everything I do. My soul hungers for the good old days and my heart thirsts for the unfathomable feeling of being with Christ’s family; until I finally decided to give up my work.

Seeing the spiritual needs of the people who are experiencing the same thing with me, I decided to create something which could help them enliven their spirits and have the joy of worshiping with church family despite their distances. Something that envisions people having a good walk in their spiritual journey, enabling them to cope with the daily challenges they encounter in their lives; a vision that leads to the realization of the Cyber Church Today.

At Cyber Church Today, you don’t have to visit the churches personally in order to increase your knowledge about Jesus Christ while growing spiritually. Anytime, anywhere and no matter how busy your schedule is, worshiping with other persons, though with varying time zones can be done. Moreover, access to Bible commentaries as well as to sermons, Bible reflections and inspiring messages are now just within a click.

Enjoy the feeling of being united despite the distances and busy schedules.  Visit and register at http://cyberchurchtoday.com/ and allow us to walk with you in your daily spiritual journey.

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