David’s Fall and Restoration

David is the only character in the bible that was given the special title of “the man after God’s own heart.” This, however, was not part of David’s early life because tracing back from bible history will tell that he had a dark past just like most people. There are a lot of cyber churches today that uses the life of David to help Christians understand that even the most special men of God has faults that are brought about by man’s sinful nature.

Bible history will tell that David’s past was full of sin and unholy deeds, one of which is his early marriage that was motivated by pride rather than love. He married Michal, the king’s daughter in the hope of enjoying the pleasures of the palace. The king learned of this plot, so he felt rage for David. This led David to escape the palace and leave his young wife; their marriage ended after that.

This is a very common scenario in some cyber churches today where young people make decisions in haste. They take marriage very lightly and jump into it without seriously counting the cost.

The life of David after that failed marriage was followed by a succession of unacceptable relationships, among which is the adulterous relationship with Abigail who was married to Nabal. It was even made worse when he also took Ahinoam, Maacah, Haggith, Abital, and Eglah as his wives when he became king. This was in spite the fact that he knows that God clearly prohibited having multiple wives during that time.

The decision to disobey clearly separated him from God as was evidenced by his adaptation to the world’s standard of wealth and power. This showed that David is very much human and is not any different from any man of today’s age that has major weaknesses.

To address this problem, Bishop E. Bernard Jordan has established an online church service for lost individuals who do not have the courage to join other believers in the church. A counseling program can be accessed by simply registering to the church email marketing found in the website.

David’s sins did not stop there; in fact, those sins were just a prelude to more serious offenses. It started as a lie that David believed he felt that all his accomplishments were a result of his own effort. Until the time came, when David grew tired and told himself that he deserved a rest. This went further that led David deep into the pleasures of his sin.

This happened during one of the major battles that he was supposed to join his army. He chose Joab to represent him at the battle while he stayed home in Jerusalem. He let the pleasure of being home and the rest take the best of him. He felt he needed and deserved the rest after working as hard as king. He ignored the call of responsibility and let the small pleasures satisfy him. This was clearly the signal of the deep spiritual decline that he was into. He was not aware that this action would soon open a series of sins much like Pandora’s Box.

The youth of today in several cyber churches are unaware of the serious consequences of sin that they still choose to commit them. They allow temptation to creep in that leaves them trapped and left with no choice.

David faced the biggest temptation in his life during the time that he did not go to battle to have his rest. It was at the middle of the night when he sneaked out on the roof to watch Bathsheba while she took a bath. David had planned this all along, and when the choice to flee from temptation presented he ignored it and lingered on its lure. The desire grew in him, and so the next action became predictable. He sent someone to find out about the beautiful woman bathing and arranged for them to meet then the sin of lust and adultery took them both, not by surprise.

This was not to say that it was only David’s fault because obviously Bathsheba became indiscreet, careless and immodest. This is much like some women from cyber churches today who wear revealing clothes that tempt men to fall into sin.

The series of sins did not stop there because Bathsheba became pregnant with David’s child, and the biggest problem was that Bathsheba was married. David planned the unimaginable he sent Bathsheba’s husband Uriah to the fiercest battle where he was left to die. David did not only commit adultery but also murder.

Shortly after that Bathsheba became the wife and queen of David. The succeeding account of David’s life was to face God’s hand for his sins. He suffered loss of his kingdom, loss of his son and many other things. Until Nathan appeared to deliver God’s message of conviction, it took a long period of suffering, disappointment and frustration before finally David admitted and confessed his sins to God.

This is also like many believers in today’s church online communities, where people pretend that everything is okay yet keep all lies and sins inside. Learn from David’s fall and remember that God forgives but he does not take the painful consequences away from sin.

David finally received his forgiveness, and then he was restored. This is a living proof that God’s plans will prevail even in the worst of situations. He only requires His people to repent, to ask forgiveness and to change their ways according to God’s plans.


The prophetic ministry of god are showing all concern which include the pains and social needs of fellowmen, They dedicated themselves in the service of the Lord and acknowledging His authorities over there lives. They used abundance of communication to spread the words of God through out the nation. In guiding others to glorify the Lord.Those who touch by the ministry are filled by the Holy Spirit.

According to Master E. Bernard Jordan, the prophetic ministry are the core and heart soul of the ministry are God, that there is no person above HIM. The prophetic ministry are uniting the church in the body of Christ to have an everlasting life with the Lord. The holy Spirit  are enabling those who are troubled and to let them go on the delimma of life by the holy Spirit. Thus, you may actually block the Holy Spirit from advising you, However the one who is in the prophetic ministry can be there to be enlightened as to His plan for your particular situation.

Master prophet E. Bernard Jordan express that the prophetic ministry are taken from the time where God’s thoughts his way. Yet if that person who has gone  and often it seems over productive  of our minds. The entire universe are ours and we have all the knowledge. With Christ living on us, with him everything are possible. The prophetic ministry through prophetic knowledge is the means and the solution to helping you to take delivery of an unambiguous interpretation of what God wishes to say to you.
The Lord has a plan to help bring justice to the world, and His plan is Us. That is the main reason why the ministry was founded. The word Ministry was misunderstood for many years, the truth is….”Ministry means service”. The prophetic Ministry are not for the world or to unbelievers. Though we are all as believers to preach the Gospel to all creation in this world. The prophetic Ministry are confined to the true believers who have accepted Jesus as the Savior and entered the Body of Christ through the New birth. Anyone who claims to have received a revelation concerning about the future events in the world and publishes this to unbelievers , does not exercising a prophetic ministry.

We should not  confuse it with such men as Nostradamus who clearly were not inspired of God and certainly were not exercising a prophetic ministry. God’s prophets are sent to speak His words to the His Body, the church.

Prophetic Ministry has many responsibilities it is very important and very stressful and pressured ministry. Many who seeks to enter into it see only the glamour and appeal of being in the position of speaking forth God’s words to others, obtaining revelations concerning the future.

It is responsibility of the prophetic ministry to God for the condition of the Church. Via the prophet that God corrects, leads, warns and protect. The ministry are involved in causing the Body to function effectively, the prophets are involved more in the troubleshooting  aspect.

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