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The Cyber Church was created to give people a prophetic network that they can rely on when their schedule keeps them from attending a traditional church. There are many cyber churches online, but Cyber Church Today really stands apart from the rest by showing their members just how wonderful the power of prophecy can truly be. If you need Christ the Holy Spirit in your life and want an online prayer chain and church community that you can be a part of, then we will be pleased to have you join us at We spread the word of god by using our Free Church email marketing programs and other techniques to let people know what our congregation is all about. Get your bible prophecy online to learn more about yourself spiritually. Everyone is always welcome at Join Us Today!

Prophecy Readings from Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan

When you join us for online church worship, you will discover the close bond that our church members have together. Our mission is to strengthen the relationship that our members have with Jesus Christ and his plans for each member, by strengthening the bonds that our members have with friends, family members, and other church members. Our website is abundant with spiritual resources that will provide what you need throughout your spiritual journey. We have articles, sermons, commentaries, or you can even get a free prophecy by Bishop Jordan. Master Prophet Bishop Jordan received his calling from Christ at the young age of 15. Bishop Bernard Jordan has a remarkable ability to see things that other prophets cannot. He is devoted to helping others, and gives free online Christian prophecy readings to those that need and want spiritual guidance in their lives.

What We Can Offer at The Cyber Church

  • Completely Free Personal Prophecy Readings
  • Inspirational Information and Spiritual Guidance
  • Faith Based Video Links
  • A Community of Worshippers to Bond With
  • Bible Commentaries, Sermons, and Reflections
  • Faith Based Articles

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Contact us today to request a personal prophecy reading, or to learn more about what our cyber congregation can offer. A free prophecy reading by our master prophet could change your life for the better in multiple ways. Join us today to rejoice in Christ.